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To OFFER products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, anticipating their needs in terms of cost, quality, timeliness and innovation.

To ACHIEVE world class standards by improving our productivity, costs, systems, technology and service.

To GENERATE sufficient financial resources to enable us to grow and invest so as to deliver the stability and profits that meet the expectations of our employees and shareholders.

To PROMOTE an environment of openness and communication within the company

To DEVELOP our staff both professionally and culturally improving their technical, administrative and personal capabilities.

To STAY UP-TO-DATE of global technological advances in all areas for their timely implementation in our Group.

To REDUCE our environmental impact by acting on the root causes through work and investment, both at our factories and in their communities.


We see BETA SAN MIGUEL as the best sugar group in the country within the framework of globalization, being competitive with world class standards in technology, quality and costs, for the greater satisfaction of our customers.


In Beta San Miguel (BSM) we offer our clients the products and services they expect, covering all their needs of quality and food safety.

We endorse the commitment to prevent pollution of the environment, maintain the safety of our staff and facilities, and comply with our social responsibility and reinforce the skills of our personnel.

We are all engaged with the fulfillment of the objectives of BSM, the current applicable legislation, continuous improvement, keeping open communication with all our interested parties.


Beta San Miguel (BSM) is the largest producer of cane sugar in the Mexico with a production in 2015/16 harvest of 1,094,091 tons of sugar cane, representing 17.88% of the production of Mexico. BSM entered the Mexican sugar industry at the beginning of the privatization in November 1988 through the acquisition of 4 sugar mills from the Mexican government.

BSM was established to participate in that privatization process in 1987 by Polycrom, S.A. of C.V., a group with many years of experience in the Mexican sugar industry, and some industrial consumers of sugar. In July 1996, BSM added a fifth mill to its portfolio through the merger with Constancia. In November 2009, BSM acquired from the Mexican government a sixth sugar mill, Santa Rosalia de Chontalpa, whose integration was carried out successfully. In July 2015, BSM acquired two new Sugar Mills, Coorporativo Azucarero Emiliano Zapata and Central Casasano, and in December 2015, they acquired a ninth sugar mill, Central La Providencia. In August 2016, the last two sugar mills offered for sale by the Federal Government were incorporated, Central El Potrero and Central San Miguelito.

Since the beginning of their operations in 1989, the company has managed to increase its production in 306.50%, going from 255,393 tons in the 1990 harvest season (the first complete harvest season of the company) to 782,788 tons of sugar in the 2013/2014 harvest season. This production increase was achieved thanks to a more efficient operation of the sugar mills, an increased quantity and quality of sugarcane, as well as the incorporation of the Constancia Sugar Mill to the group, and the purchase of the Santa Rosalia de Chontalpa sugar mill. For the 2015/2016 harvest season, the total production of the nine sugar mills property of BSM at the time, reached a total of 1’093,263 tons, increasing its production by 428%, when compared to its beginnings.

The eleven sugar mills that make up the BSM Group are:

  • Ingenio San Francisco Ameca located in Ameca, Jalisco;
  • ngenio Queseria, located in Queseria municipality in Colima;
  • Ingenio San Rafael de Pucté located in Chetumal, Quintana Roo;
  • Ingenio San Miguel del Naranjo located in Naranjo, San Luis Potosi,
  • Ingenio Constancia located in Tezonapa, Veracruz;
  • Santa Rosalia Chontalpa located near Cardenas, Tabasco;
  • Corporativo Azucarero Emiliano Zapata located in Zacatepec, Morelos;
  • Central Casasano located in Cuautla, Morelos and
  • Central La Providencia located in the municipality of Cuichapa, Veracruz.
  • Central El Potrero located in in the municipality of Atoyac, Veracruz
  • Central San Miguelito located in the city of Cordoba, Veracruz
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