In Beta San Miguel we acknowledge that it is impossible to separate the corporate involvement from social responsibility, that is why we have been working in different community support programs:

Beta San Miguel, Socially Responsible Company

Since 2009 to date, Beta San Miguel Group sugar mills have obtained the Socially Responsible Company (ESR) distinctive, with which the practices that BSM Group sugar mills have developed in each community from time ago are recognized.  

Beta San Miguel group’s ESR model includes the most important topics for the company’s sustainability:

Modelo RSE

Among the most relevant topics are: co-responsibility with the value chain, commitment with the community, environmental care and the employee’s quality of life.

Beta San Miguel Group, certified in ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000 and Clean Industry, being the second sugar producer company nationwide, has been distinguished throughout its history for incorporating a social view beyond its legal responsibilities to its management, considering the community’s expectations, resulting in the sustainable success of its affairs and a positive impact in the communities where BSM operates, specifically through the Emalur Program.

With the purpose of contribute with the improvement of the education and life quality of these communities, the thematic areas are: education, child labor prevention, gender, sustainability, human development, cultural identity and communitarian development.

¿What is Emalur?

Emalur (“Women of the Earth” in Basques) is social development program aimed mainly to sugarcane producing communities. It builds on education and develops its activities with Delors’ educational approach: “Learn to learn”, “Learn to do”, “Learn to live together” and “Learn to use”.


 “To make education a development factor; i.e. to serve as a life condition improving factor for the different social groups involved, and especially to strengthen its self-management and group project building abilities that can make transformation possible”.

Projects, activities and lines of action

  • Literacy projects for employees and the value chain, in agreement with CONAFE and INEA.
  • Promotion and encouragement of reading through community libraries.
  • Digital education and social use of technologies through the Computer Community Centers.
  • Ecological workshops for income generation
  • Educational, recreate and sports projects for the children of laborers in co-responsibility with the Value Chain.
  •  “Sweet Awakening” course for the education in values, directed to teachers and family parents.
  • Voluntariado San Miguel para apoyo de mejoras en las escuelas con la participación de proveedores, personal sindicalizado y autoridades educativas.
  • San Miguel Voluntary work for the improvement of schools, with the collaboration of suppliers, unionized employees and educational authorities.
  •  “Sweet smiles without Child Labor” Project for the prevention, eradication, attention and sensitization around child labor in the fields, alongside the “Save the Children” institution.


Emalur in numbers

  • 90,551 direct beneficiaries during the 1997-2014 period
  • 8,671 indirect beneficiaries in 2014
  • 193 communities in the states of Veracruz, Oaxaca, Colima, Jalisco, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí and Tabasco.
  • 251 helped schools
  • 3 cultural weeks and 17 summer schools
  • 36 teacher courses
  • 110 conferences directed for family parents
  • 3 community libraries operating
  • 2 scout groups operating
  • 3 computer centers operating
  • 1 course for teachers and family parents
  • 3 San Miguel’s community centers installed and operating
  • 75 social promotors collaborated in the projects
  • 6 consecutive years of the San Miguel Voluntary Work Project
  • 1,013 hours of voluntary work

“Strengthening your present, building your future”


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